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Oct 22, 2020

Dermatology News:

  1. Non-Whites remain sorely underrepresented in phase 3 psoriasis trials (

  2. Women make progress in pediatric dermatology leadership (

  3. Survey: Doctors lonely, burned out in COVID-19 (


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Psoriasis patients who are pregnant or those seeking a medication-free treatment may benefit from phototherapy. Vincent A. DeLeo, MD, talks to George Han, MD, PhD, and Jashin J. Wu, MD, about the joint guidelines from the American Academy of Dermatology and National Psoriasis Foundation for psoriasis treatment with phototherapy. They provide tips for getting patients started on phototherapy and discuss different devices for at-home or in-office use. While discussing avoidance of treatment pitfalls, Dr. Han notes that “documentation really is key when you’re doing phototherapy, and that’s one of the nice things about some of the newer phototherapy units. They’ll actually be linked up to a computer control that automatically keeps the treatment record.”


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Hosts: Nick Andrews, Vincent A. DeLeo, MD (University of Southern California, Los Angeles)

Guests: George Han, MD, PhD (Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York); Jashin J. Wu, MD (Dermatology Research and Education Foundation, Irvine, Calif.)

Disclosures: Dr. DeLeo is a consultant for Estée Lauder. Dr. Han and Dr. Wu report conflicts of interest with numerous sources in industry.

Show notes: Allegra Sparta, Melissa Sears

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