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Oct 8, 2020

Dermatology News:

  1. Shingrix effective in older adults with preexisting immune-mediated disorders (
  2. New treatment options show promise for centrifugal cicatricial alopecia (
  3. Children's share of new COVID-19 cases is on the rise (

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Managing a private medical practice has changed drastically in 2020. In this episode, Candrice Heath, MD (@DrCandriceHeath), talks to Caroline Robinson, MD (on Instagram @crobinsonmd; on Twitter @crobinsonmd1), about her experience opening a new dermatology practice during the COVID-19 pandemic. They discuss important safety measures when establishing the office work flow, including offering virtual visits, streamlining patient intake procedures, cleaning examination rooms, and hiring new employees. They also discuss the role of social media in building a successful dermatology practice. “When you think about where people are looking for doctors now ... they’re turning to social more than ever. ... I would say that [half] of the patients that we’ve seen have been either from social media in some way, shape, or form, and then [half] have found me from my previous work within the city,” Dr. Robinson explains.

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Hosts: Nick Andrews; Candrice R. Heath, MD (Temple University Hospital, Philadelphia)

Guests: Caroline Robinson, MD (Tone Dermatology, Chicago)

Disclosures: Dr. Heath reports no conflict of interest. Dr. Robinson is the CEO/Founder of Tone Dermatology.

Show notes by: Alicia Sonners, Melissa Sears

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