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Stay current on medical, surgical, and aesthetic dermatology developments with Dermatology Weekly, a podcast featuring news relevant to the practice of dermatology, and peer-to-peer interviews with Doctor Vincent A. DeLeo, who interviews physician authors from Cutis on topics such as psoriasis, skin cancer, atopic dermatitis, hair and nail disorders, cosmetic procedures, environmental dermatology, contact dermatitis, pigmentation disorders, acne, rosacea, alopecia, practice management, and more. Plus, resident discussions geared toward physicians in-training. Subscribe now.

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Jan 2, 2020

In the Resident Takeover episodes of Dermatology Weekly, Cutis Resident Corner columnists Drs. Daniel Mazori, Elisabeth Tracey, and Julie Croley have discussed lifestyle issues such as burnout in residents as well as management concerns such as treating hidradenitis suppurativa. In this episode, Dr. Mazori counts down the top downloaded Resident Takeovers in 2019.

Psychodermatology, Episode 26: Drs. Tracey, Croley, and Mazori discussed the challenges of treating patients with both psychiatric and dermatologic diseases. They reviewed medical treatment modalities and considered when referral to a mental health professional is needed.

Effective communication with patients, Episode 16: The three residents discussed how to set expectations with patients about therapeutic management and provided communication strategies for improving compliance with therapy and ensuring patients have the correct instructions.

Being on-call as a dermatology resident, Episode 12: They talked about premade biopsy kits, tricks for achieving hemostasis in the hospital, portable electronic gadgets, and creative alternatives for basic items. 

Prescribing combined OCs, Episode 20: In the most-accessed Resident Takeover of 2019, they talked about prescribing combined oral contraceptives (COCs). COCs have many uses in dermatology, but dermatologists often underutilize them and don’t feel comfortable prescribing them. They also reviewed the basics of prescribing COCs for dermatologic conditions.

Hosts: Elizabeth Mechcatie, Terry Rudd

Show notes by: Jason Orszt, Melissa Sears, Elizabeth Mechcatie

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